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Coffee at TeaMax Cafe
Teamax cafe India

Our Servings

Experience the ever-evolving dining journey at TeaMax Cafe, where our range of delectable food and beverages is constantly enriched with new flavors and recipes. Join our esteemed cafe franchise in India and be a part of our mission to become the best.

chai at TeaMax Cafe

12+ Tea's

Sandwich at TeaMax Cafe


Coffee's at TeaMax Cafe

7+ Coffee's

vada pav at TeaMax Cafe

Reg. Dishes

Milkshakes at TeaMax Cafe

12+ Shakes

Ice Cream at TeaMax Cafe

Ice Cream

Lassi's at TeaMax Cafe

8+ Lassi's

French Fries at TeaMax Cafe

French Fries

Snacks at TeaMax Cafe

16+ Snacks

Thickshakes at TeaMax Cafe


TeaMax Cafe Packaging Branding

We prioritize maintaining high standards and quality while minimizing costs

TeaMax Cafe India's professional approach ensures that packaging reflects our commitment to excellence without compromising on product integrity or customer satisfaction both for Franchisee's & Cafe Customers.

Why Choose Us?

Chef-less Model
Structured guidelines outlining procedures for consistent and safe cooking practices.
Low Investment Setup
Cost-effective arrangement requiring minimal initial capital for establishment or operation.
Minimum Risk Quotient
Implementing standardized operating procedures (SOP) in cafe cooking to minimize risks.
Quick ROI (10-12 Months)
Implementing a business strategy that yields a rapid return on investment within 10-12 months.
0% Wastage Ensured
Efficient utilization of raw materials in cooking process ensures 0 wastage, minimizing resource loss.
Tech Enabled (POS)
Utilizing POS systems to streamline operations & enhance customer experience in cafes.

Our Associate Partners

Awards & Media Feature

Awards for TeaMax Cafe

Awarded Restaurant of the Year 2022

@ 11th Annual Restaurant Awards

Please note: Chef harpal sokhi is not associated with the brand teamax

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Recognitions & Values

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Franchise Explainer

Exciting news! Our all-encompassing TeaMax Cafe franchise explainer video is live on YouTube. This visually engaging presentation simplifies the complexities of our franchise opportunity, covering everything from our unique selling points to the products, services, terms, and transparent cost breakdown. Explore why TeaMax Cafe is India's most affordable and sought-after cafe franchise. Click below to embark on your entrepreneurial journey with TeaMax Cafe!

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A Venture of Ashoka Group | Since 1969

TeaMax Cafe India Regd. Office:

Plot No 103, 1st Floor, Alwal Hills Rd Number 1, Old Alwal, Hyderabad, Telangana 500010

Made in             for India

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+91 9505 047 047

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